Ray Ward's, The "Art of Legends"
I had the privilege of knowing and working with the late Ray Ward. Ray may be best known for developing his style of Assemblage known as "The Art of Legends". He was commissioned nationally by many major government, business and sports organizations. I assisted Ray on many of his assemblages, beginning in the early 1990s through his last piece in 2004. Here are samples of some of the assemblages I was honored to work on.
The "Art of Legends" Assemblage concept artist Ray Ward pioneered is being carried on by his studio team, led by Francie Ward and Vince Carl.

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vince@vcarlgallery.com or francie.ward@rayward-art.com
Mike Richter assemblage, 2004

Red Sox 60s assemblage, Fenway Park, 2003
Red Sox 80s assemblage, Fenway Park, 2003

Red Sox 100th Anniversary,"The Ted Williams Era" commissioned for an exclusive area of Fenway Park, 2003

In this image Ray is inspecting the progress of the 6 panels for the 1940s-1960 Ted Williams era piece during fabrication in my studio.
Ray Ward in my old studio 2003.

Below left Ray gives the "go ahead" on one of the Red Sox 100th anniversary pieces. In the image on the right Ray and I are crating up a finished assemblage commemorating Carlton Fisks' career. To see more examples of these creations please visit http://www.rayward-art.com/

In October 2002 I lost a nephew. Kris died suddenly and unexpectedly. I asked Ray if he would mind if I borrowed his style of assemblage to create 3 pieces for members of my family to celebrate Kris' life. He was very supportive and thought it was a wonderful idea. These pieces are fabricated from family photos and found objects from Kris' room.

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